Click Frenzy or Click Fizzle?

Over the last week, many people have ask us “are you guys jumping on the click frenzy” band wagon?

To be honest we did actually originally plan on it, but ‘alas we realised we were under prepared and not organised enough to make it a successful event for @Warcom so we chose not to.

Clearly, we were not the only ones…

When 7:00pm hit last night I was poised and ready at my desk ready to embrace the clickage and to possibly waste some money with some of Australia’s favourite online retailers.

When I say great retailers, I refer to places like Theiconic.

So what went wrong?

As pointed out by Jeff Waugh (@jdub on twitter) this is what occured during the evening:

  • The site started off with cloudfront distributing it’s load.
  • They then redirected to a broken ClickMeter url, which was hosted on cloudfront.
  • The site then started displaying 502 errors from a different CDN, Edgecast.
  • They they’ve moved back to Cloudfront.
  • became an alias for
  • is an alias for

Jeff explains it all alot better than we can, so follow him!

But to point out the bleeding obvious.

The site got slapped, by to much traffic, to quickly and the infrastructural that was put in place was not nearly capable enough.

And the site was running Magento …. No comment there.

Re-actions in our office this.

Paul Warren (CEO):

I snapped up some shoes from Theiconic and a hand bag for the mrs at a decent price!

I went direct, I didn’t waste my time time on the actual website.

All in all, it was a bit of a mess ..

Rebecca Arsenoulis (DM):

I already have enough hand bags and shoes!

Braden Goodes:

The girlfriend said I’m not allowed to spend any more money!

It was all a bit of a flop really wasn’t it?

Ben Elwin:

I tried to jump on and it crashes, so I went to sleep.


There’s one thing I don’t understand in all this…

American’s have something called “Black Friday” it’s one day a year, it’s not centralised around a single website, it’s retailer direct.

… Why didn’t Click Frenzy do this? Or better still, why didn’t we just do Black Friday? :)

In closing – I think these guys sum up the entire event pretty well.


In other news: Samantha Jade won X Factor – Congratulations to her!