How to Find Out Your Landline Phone Number

With the insane cost of purchasing a home these days, chances are that you probably aren’t moving into a new place right now…

But on the odd chance that you are moving, after you’ve lightly decorated, you’re probably going to want to know the landline phone number which the house is/was connected to, so you can hook up your Internode ADSL2+ service as quick as possible.

Having just been through this myself, I think I can help!

First thing to do is try to dial out. If you can call your own mobile phone, your landline number will be displayed on the screen. If the phone rings from a private number, simply dial “1832” in front of your mobile number. This forces call ID so you can identify the number. If you have been successful with this it’s a big bonus, as it means your phone line is probably still connected and may allow for an easy transition to your new TPG internet connection.

If you can’t dial out, chances are your connection was disconnected when the last resident left. That’s okay though… I have the solution!

By simply dialing the relevant number below, a computerised lady will answer and chat to you over the phone. Unfortunately the conversation is strictly limited to your landline phone number being repeated three times, however this call is free and could be an avenue for you, if you are lonely without Internet.

Telstra line – 12722123

Optus Line – 1272312

Congratulations! You now have your landline phone number in your possesion (assuming you wrote it down, otherwise it’s not in your possesion at all). From here all you need to do is borrow/steal/commandeer someone’s internet, jump online and lock in an Internet deal with Internode or TPG (see blog below for an in-depth comparison on these two). Failing this, you can just as easily call either company to sign up.

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Now we play the waiting game! Depending on the ISP and whether or not you’re connection was active, it may take between 3 days and 3 weeks to go live (possibly including a visit from a technician to hook things up as well). Either way,you’ve made a good start to get the internet connected in your new home.

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Thanks and all the best!