Amicroe 7″ Touch TAB II Android Tablet Review

Amicroe 7" Touch Tablet Review

The New affordable Android Tablet by Amicroe

The new Amicroe Tablet is perfect for those that are on a budget and want a simple tablet to check emails, do basic web browsing and play around with the hundreds and thousands apps the Android Market has to offer.


A Light 7″ Tablet with a 0.3mp front face which can be used for chat.

The Amicroe Tablet is built with a touch plastic back cover and 7″ LCD TFT Panel Screen. Although the tablet is 7″, the actual touch screen interface is not 7″ as the screen is surrounded by a black panel.

The right hand side (refer to above image) has power button, headphone jack, volume controls, power jack port as well as a mini usb port and a TF Card slot. The Mini USB port makes it very useful however having the power button and power jack on the same side can make it a little uncomfortable if you are using table while charging it via the AC power adapter.


The hardware is quite impressive for a device at this price! A 1.2ghz Single core CPU and 512mb DD3 is a stand out here! The specs are listed below:

Processor 1.2 GHZ / GPU400 mhz
Operate system Android 4.0.4 – Ice Cream Sandwich
Size & Weight 192mmx118mmx11.2mm/ 328 g
Screen 7″ TFT LCD5 points capacitive Screen 16:9 / Resolution: 800*480
Battery & Charger Rechargable Li-Polymer Battery: 2800MAH / 5V 1.5A
Interface Mini USB x 1/ 3.5mm Stereo Audio out x 1 /Microphone x 1
Card slot Micro SD x 1(maximum: 32GB)
3G Support External 3G
Wifi 802.11B/G/N
Camera Front 0.3MP
Video output Support 1080P video
Game GPU400, 3D game, G-Sensor game, Classic game, Touch game
G-sensor Automatic Four-Direction Rotate screen.
Video format (1080P) AVI (H. 264, DIVX, DIVX, XVID, rm, rmvb, MKV (H. 264, DIVX, DIVX, XVID), WMV, MOV, MP4 (H. 264, MPEG, DIVX, XVID), MPEG, MPG, FLV (H. 263, H. 264)
Audio format MP3, WMA, MP2, OGG, AAC, M4A, MA4, FLAC, APE, 3GP, WAV
Image format JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG
Software Support Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, MSN, Skype.


The camera is clear. The fact that you only have a front side camera, is a bit of a let down as it would look funny to turn your tablet around and take pictures from the front side of your tablet.

Screen Resolution

The other thing that was a let down was the screen resolution. 800 x 400 screen resolution is poor and not up to today’s newer tablet standards.

For some people that just want to do basic functionality, this wont bother them. But watching movies or playing  HD games is a big bust on this.


Like all android device, you have your home page and your menu with all your built in apps as well as one you can install from the market.

The Amicroe can connect to your gmail account and access the Google Play Store (Previously Known As Android Market).

Web Browsing

Web Browsing was surprisingly adequate. Browsing to or didn’t keep me waiting for long, pages loaded within the 2-5 second range (on wireless).


Typing on the Keyboard was also a bad experience. A tight, squeezed keyboard with a  laggy response. This was very frustrating when typing an email.

Wireless and 3G

I managed to connect to the wireless network with no issues at all. Doesn’t have built in 3G but it can be connected externally.


I played with the unit for about 2 hours on full charge. After 2 hours battery went down 80%. You could easily get about 5-6 hours of normal use on this, but watching movies you would only get around 3 hours max on this.


The Good:

  • It’s Small, compact can easily fit into you back pocket
  • Wireless Worked Very Well
  • Gmail Connectivity and Play Store Access

The Bad:

  • The back of the tablet heated up after playing with it for 15-20mins
  • Keyboard is hard to type efficiently on
  • No camera on the back of the Tablet
  • Resolution only being 800 x 400

Overall, the Tablet is great for those that want really basic functionality such as check emails, check Warcom’s facebook page or simple app games. The Amicroe would also be great as an ebook as its light and can easily be carried around with you. However, if you wanted to do more with this tablet, I suggest you look elsewhere as this tablet is limited due to its laggy response and bad keyboard layout.

You can purchase the Amicroe 7″ Touch TAB II Android Tablet from Warcom now for just under $99AUD.

If you would like to know more about this tablet, email warcom on or give us a call on 1300 927 266!

– Mason

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Hi I need some help I am locked out of my tablet Cause my cousin's where playing around with it and trying to Guess my password and I can't use my google account because It has it's wifi turned off and I reconnect to it because I am locked out plz help.


could someone please tell me how to turn the voice control off plz


I am unable to erase audible books that I have read. please can anyone help.


Anyone tried to use these for development?  I have the AMI-TT4 but can't get the right USB driver for Windows (tried the Google generic ones) so it doesn't appear as a device and can't attach using adb.

Anyone able to help?


FYI, you can pick up a quad-core 7-inch tablet from China for around the $100 mark. Standard specs would be 1gb RAM, 8gb-16gb memory, 1024 x 600 IPS screen. Obviously more of a wait and hassle to order from OS but certainly worth considering for roughly the same spend


I got one from H N payed $68 works well on hot spot on my phone.


Just bought two for $77.00 each. Seems to be quite functional and sizewise excellent for traveling and keeping in touch with family I decided to get this rather than taking a much more expensive unit along. Installed Dropbox and save to it. So should misfortune happen on our travels we have lost little.


It is about the same to what I have seen/read from some of the tablets of ~ the same price and spec, It is good that it is fully google functional. Some have the playstore/gmail and others disabled.


ive got one i love it, cant go wrong for $98


Does the tablet come with wifi

Paul Warren | CEO
Paul Warren | CEO

Harvey Norman look to be moving these things for around $68.00 now. We can't compete with those prices, so if you're still in the market for one. Snap it up guys!


My wholesaler has been as helpful as they can, but no luck. I found version 1.0.26 of the adb worked, but it didn't come from Google and it's file save as 2.5mb whereas the Google ones back to API level are version 1.0.29 and above and are around 900kb.Moborobo will allow it to work, but contrary to posts you need to leave it installed. It will add the generic Google USB drivers and it starts a custom adb instance in server mode which your 'real' adb commands connect through.That's the best I've found.Amicroe asked their manufacturer for the correct driver, but it was 32bit. The cat file were the same as the Google, so I tried modifying the inf myself but the sys driver was still 32 bit. My client returned the device to me and I'm using as my demo model. A good pice of kit for its price, but not great for dev. I'm hoping they come through with a 64 bit driver. Do you have a 32 bit Windows you wanna try the driver on?


@scottmatthewandrews can you put the TT4 driver somewhere please as I am struggling to get root access to my TT4. Any help appreciated


Thanks again for you reply.

I now work with the AMI-TT2 without Moborobo.

You can uninstall Moborobo to remove all traces including the installer applications
in the workspace bin folders.
The driver is still installed and we can connect and upload with the eclipse adb.

The driver file details are:



The driver d/l I have is slightly different, but is for the TT4, not TT2, though it shouldn't really make a difference.  The main issue being we're both needing a 64bit!

The Whirlpool posts are mine and I'd tried the same with StackOverflow.  While it works, it's a workaround and my client wanted to be able to use the same process for all their devices (i.e. USB), not have to change to use the tab (IP or Moborobo), hence why they returned it.

It doesn't look like a 64-bit driver is coming, so if you're happy to run with Moborobo, I'd stick with that.  You could try searching for on xda.  I found that version of adb works with the generic Google USB drivers and without needing Moborobo, but it was an old version of the bridge.  You don't need the root.bat and associated SU, just the adb binary.


Thanks for your informative reply.

I got a very helpfull Email rely from:
Amicroe Australia - melbourne office.

We can download the TT2 ADB Driver from:

When I  tried to update the driver in device manager:
Other devices

In the device manager we get:
Software driver not designed to work with Windows for x64-based systems.

So this must be the same driver that you have(The INF is ClassInstall32).
Unfortunately I only have a 64 bit processor available at the moment.

I downloaded Moborobo from:

The drivers loaded with permission giving in device manager:
Android Phone
  - Android Composite ADB interface

The drivers are from google and are Not digitally signed.
All are system32 !

Moborobo does not need to be running with  my eclipse with the android SDK.
The phone is identfied as a running android device.
The application is uploaded using the ADB from eclipse.
The Moborobo adds a Moborobo Installer Application into the eclipse workspace:
C:\Users\carl\workspace\usb demo\bin
This installer can also be used to upload the android application.
IF eclipse is running the eclipse adb will be ended and replaced with the
process AndroidInterface.
Eclipse does not need to be running to use the Moborobo Installer.

other people using moborobo:



I'm posting this on an iPad with crappy auto correct... I should proof better before clicking reply!