New Macbook Pro leaked by Intel?!

The Macbook Pro has been using the same Unibody Aluminium case for a while now, this much loved design has become a bit of a fashion statement to show off that you have a “pro” model of macbook.
As well as being extremely attractive, it boasts a very sturdy structural integrity – You can pick it up on one side without the casing flexing like many other laptops.
But is it time for a game change for apple? I wouldnt call this a game change, but it certainly changes things up a little bit! Reminds me of the older Black Macbook (Not macbook pro)

New macbook pro

We get a little bit of an idea of what could be going to be the next gen of Macbook pro:

  • Black Aluminium finish (looks amazing)
  • Drastically thinner body design – Looks to about 3/4th the width of previous models
  • Intel core i5 as a standard, maybe sandy bridge in top spec ones?

The most noticeable thing is the black finish and being much thinner. I think it looks amazing!

This is an indicator that Apple is releasing a new mac, but its still a fair while off. In the meantime check out the Apple store.

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Ill just leave this here as well, Just to tempt everyone..

Just note, None of this is confirmed! Its just some info i found while surfing! Take a look at the original article!

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Alex Hallett
Alex Hallett

Well the thing is, Apple bought that Liquid metal company. Apparently when the liquid metal sets its more of a darker colour.. So if the metal is black all the way through then scratches will not be a problem as there is no silver underneath.


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a guy
a guy

No way about the black finish since scratches to the case will become a big eyesore (only the surface is black not the material beneath it)