DrayTek Vigor 120 Single Port ADSL 1/2/2+ Modem

DrayTek Vigor 120 - Affordable, Reliable, Stable - Fantastic Entry Level Modem! In Stock!
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  • Supports the full range of ADSL1/2/2+ standards.
  • Easy installation and support from DrayTek Australia.
  • Provides firewall facilities for network security.
  • Enjoys broadband multimedia applications.
  • Compact design for home office, small office and residential users.

1 Year Warranty

DrayTek Vigor120 is a high speed ADSL2/2+ modem with powerful NAT, Firewall and Network Management functions.

With an Ethernet connection, this low cost modem router supports not only NAT, but also PPPoE/PPPoA relay. This feature (also called PPPoE to PPPoA Bridging or PPPoE to PPPoA Transparent Pass Through) allows LAN devices to use PPPoE protocol to access an ISP who uses PPPoA protocol. This means that this modem router is more universally useable than modems that only offer PPPoE accesses.

When connected to a LAN switch, other LAN devices, including PC, NB, Wireless AP, etc., can share the ADSL2/2+ connection, and the Firewall and Network Management features.

Like all other DrayTek Vigor series routers, the inbuilt Firewall is Object based, which means that Firewall rules for IP packet filtering, traffic control, URL content filtering, DDoS, can be profiled into groups and tied to the time scheduler for upmost flexibility and ease to setup.

Apart from traditional Network Management tools such as CLI, Web Based GUI, built-in diagnostics, etc., this modem router also support TR-069 for central management system (such as DrayTek's VigorACS) allowing ISPs to remotely access and configure their customers' routers easily.

Although light and low cost, this model supports normal network features such as DDNS, DNS cache/proxy, UPnP. It also supports IGMPv2 proxy which is essential for IPTV applications.

For existing DrayTek users, the Vigor120 is the ideal modem for multi-WAN or broadband routers such as Vigor3300V, VigorPro5510, Vigor2910/2930/2950 and Vigor2820 series.

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