Warcom Deluxe Double LCD Monitor Stand

Our best selling Dual Monitor stand ever, excellent quality at a cheap price!

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With it's sleek all metal design the Warcom Deluxe Dual LCD Monitor Stand is built to last and will look great on any desk.

There are a lot of flimsy stands out there but the Warcom Deluxe Double LCD Stand is not one of them. Built like a tank its strong enough to support screens weighing up to 12kg each. When you consider an average the 24 inch screen weights just 5kg you can understand why the Warcom is the king of the hill.

If you work with two screens you will know that you can't live without them. However without a proper dual LCD stand you will also be familiar with messy cables, wasted desk space and screens that constantly move out of alignment. The Warcom Deluxe Dual Stand fixes these problems in style and gives your desk a professional edge.

It is a free-standing unit so offers much more freedom than clamp or grommet mounted models. The base is large enough to accommodate two different size screens.

Installation is a breeze and clearly explained by step by step instructions.

The Warcom Deluxe Dual LCD Stand is compatible with almost all LCDs (Monitors and TVs) up to 24 inches. All you need to do is check your screen's specifications for VESA 100 or VESA 75 compatibility and make sure it is not physicaly wider than 600 mm. It will also work on VESA 200 screens via an adapter available separately.

Warcom Deluxe Double LCD Monitor Stand


  • 5 year warranty
  • All metal construction
  • Free standing: no need to clamp to a desk.
  • Upgradeable to a quad stand
  • Fits almost all LCDs up to 24 inches (VESA 100 & 75)
  • Portrait and Landscape screen orientation
  • Easy to set-up and adjust
  • Save desk space
  • Keep monitors at a uniform height and orientation


  • Screw hole pitch: 100*100mm/75x*75mm.
  • Supported Screen Size: 15” to 24”
  • Max Weight per Screen: 12kg (26 lbs).
  • Screw type: M4.
  • Material: Steel/Aluminium
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimension(W*H*D):700*240*730mm
  • Net Weight: 3.6Kg (7.9 lbs)
  • Swivel: +/- 20 degree ( For each "Arm" )
  • Tilt : +/- 20 degree ( For each "Arm" )
  • Rotate(Pivot): + 90 degree ( For each "Arm" )


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